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  1. Premium


    ANDE Premium monofilament is our standard production monofilament and is perfect for the vast majority of anglers. It is a medium-soft monofilament with excellent tensile and knot strength and it is very abrasion resistant. The Premium monofilament comes in three colors, clear, pink and dark green and is available in tests from 2 to 400 pound.
    Starting At $3.99


  2. Back Country

    Back Country

    ANDE Back Country is our softest monofilament with exceptional tensile and knot strength. It is designed for smaller light-tackle reels. It maintains very low memory and is formulated for those fishing conditions when you need spot-on casts and that little extra strength to bring your trophy fish to the boat.

    Back Country monofilament is available in tests from 4 to 80 pound, and in three colors: slate blue, envy green fluorescent and the new forest green. This line is great for every fishing condition.

    ANDE Classic is our Back Country formula available only in a 330-yard filler spool. The classic comes in tests from 4 to 20 pound exclusively in moss green color.
    Starting At $4.49


  3. Fluorocarbon


    ANDE Fluorocarbon leader material is 100% fluorocarbon with all the properties that you expect: superb abrasion resistance, good knot strength, no water absorption, and a fast, consistent sink rate. With fluorocarbon's lower-reflective index, it is invisible under water. Fluorocarbon comes in tests from 10 to 150 pound in clear and 20 to 60 pound in pink. It is available on 50-yard wrist skeins and one-pound spools.

    Remember, it's ANDE quality at a very reasonable price.
    Starting At $12.49


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